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Fit For Every Body

Solutions for Brands and Retailers

So many women face problem’s purchasing clothing, ‘what size am I?” Then trying to find a garment that fits their body shape. Body and Cup Sizing System, BCSizing, has been built on the foundation of a PhD study into the fit of clothing for women. Findings showed mass production only fits 19% of women based on body measurements, with no two retailers selling clothing that measures the same, for the same label size.   


BCSizing is a pattern cutting framework which accommodates a woman’s bust cup size within her clothing, proven to fit 79% of women. It enables women to purchase clothing to her bust cup size, Small, E Cup (UK10E), Medium DD Cup (UK12DD), Large C Cup (UK14C) etc. BCSizing accommodates bust cup sizes up to an F Cup, with seventeen body sizes, UK8, USA4, up to UK40, USA36. 


BCSizing is a digital pattern cutting software system which uses garment blocks to create new pattern designs. There are blocks for all garment categories stored in the library, for all body sizes. Prototypes can be produced in any body size, with the system having an auto grade function to develop the size range. Blocks are actual size, design, print, cut and sew. 


BCSizing is the future of the sizing of clothing, no more, ‘what size am I’, BCSizing is Fit for Every Body.   

BCSizing has value for the company, the user and the consumer
For the Company
  • Allows remote work

  • Reduces space requirement

  • Prototyping can be done on any size

  • Easy and simple to alter patterns after fitting

  • Improves the fit using the garment blocks with bust cup integration

  • Reduces lead times for mass production as all size blocks are stored in the library

  • Auto grade function in the CAD system – one size to all sizes

  • Reduces returns due to improved fit

For the User
  • Online tutorials to guide users/Youtube links/Bcsizing website

  • Online fit and form courses

  • HELP key connecting to experts

  • Feedback form for users to help us improve the system

For the Consumer
  • Improved fit of clothing

  • Buy to your bust cup size

  • Customer loyalty as clothes fit


Pattern Master

Pattern Master is a digital library of garment blocks, for users to create digital patterns in actual body size. With a limited number of essential tools, Pattern Master makes creating a new design simple. The library stores blocks for all garment types, in all body sizes. User interface is clean, fresh and simple to use, with tutorials and help, making new designs has never been easier.

Body Sizing Sytem

Body Sizing CAD CAM system takes the first pattern, and by using the garment blocks, creates mass production in all sizes with a few simple clicks using the grading tools.



BCSizing has been developed by the founder, Dr Tanya Dove who has been passionate about making clothes since she was a child.

The Journey

First published in Pattern Cutting in 2013

Tanya went on to complete a PhD in Pattern Cutting, with the aim of improving the foundation of pattern cutting to better represent the female form.

The PhD

The study addressed practical problems with garment fit of non-stretch woven clothing for females of various body sizes and shapes.


Focusing on anthropometric data and pattern construction theories, this study applied an anthropometric bust cup percentage system to establish and practically test a pattern-cutting framework, which primarily underscores bust cup integration in the construction of clothing patterns to achieve optimal female garment fit.


The system accommodates different bust cup sizes and figure shapes within a body size. It contributes to knowledge within this field of interest. 


Embracing the diversity



BCSizing has huge growth expansion plans and is always looking for committed investors to join our journey. If this is you, please do get in touch and the founder, Dr Tanya Dove will get back to you with our business mission, vision and milestones.


Are you a veteran of the fashion industry? Do you have extensive contacts for retailers and brands? If yes, we want you on our team of consultants. BCSizing aims to be a global provider of CAD CAM software, with fit solutions for the global female population. Get in touch to discuss our consultancy packages.


BCSizing has 'Fit for Every Body' and is looking for global agents to help women wear what they deserve, clothing that fits their figure shapes. We offer a highly competitive commission structure, get in touch to find out more.


BCSizing offers three subscription models suitable for individuals, retailers and universities, with tailor made options.

We are available to talk about your needs and tailor a subscription suitable for your needs, complete our ‘Get in Touch’ form and we will get back to you.
Pattern Master

Independent tailors and individual clients
One size, with limited sizes for tailors. Specific plans to allow for additional sizes for private clients

Pattern Master Plus

Universities and Students 
We provide a range of sizes within one body size with tutorials and guidance for teaching

Body Cup Sizing

Designers, Retailers through to the factories
Access of the specific size ranges selected by company

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